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born & raised cashless

We're Going Cashless

Born & Raised is a cashless event! Leave those dollars at home, bring your credit or debit card instead, and experience the convenience of faster and safer transactions at Born & Raised this summer...

Benefits of this Cashless experience include fewer touchpoints, faster transactions / quicker lines, and no loose bills or change spilling from your wallet or fanny pack as you shop, eat, or take in a set. All points of sale on site, including the Merch Stands, Food & Beverage Vendors, General Store, Showers, Lockers and more will exclusively accept debit or credit cards.

Arriving flush with cash, don’t have a bank account, or lose your credit card? We’ve got you covered! Locations where you can convert cash to a pre-paid Visa card will be available in the main venue and in the campgrounds! Find details in the FAQ below.

  • I don’t have a credit or debit card. Will vendors accept cash if that’s all I have with me?
    No. Born & Raised will be entirely cashless. If cash is your only form of legal tender, you can convert it to a pre-paid Visa card when you arrive on site.  
  • Will Apple Pay / Google Pay / Samsung Pay be available?
    While some vendors may accept contactless payment via smartphone, not all will. You’ll want a credit, debit or pre-paid card as well. 
  • Where can I exchange my cash for a card?
    There will be a main Cash-To-Card Exchange Location within the venue at the Information Booth.
  • How does exchanging my cash for a card work?
    Locate a Cash-To-Card Exchange Location and give the cashier anywhere from $20 minimum to $500 max in dollar bill or more increments. The cash will be deposited on to a Visa Prepaid Card, and a receipt confirming the transaction will be sent via email or SMS. 

    There is no service charge on cards for the first six months. There will be a monthly fee after that, and the card will expire after two years.
  • What happens if I try to purchase something more than my balance? Help! My cash to card was declined.
    If you did a cash to card exchange and your card is declined at point of purchase check your balance. If there is money remaining you can then request a partial payment with the remaining balance or add additional cash to the card.
  • What happens if I don’t spend the entire amount on the card at the festival?
    The card you receive will work like any other pre-paid debit, both anywhere accepting payment on site at the festival as well as elsewhere during and after the show. If you don’t spend the full amount at Born & Raised you can take it with you and use it elsewhere.   
  • Should I bring cash just in case? Is there anywhere credit, debit or pre-paid cards will NOT be accepted?
    It is always a good idea to have some cash on hand for mobile services in the campgrounds that may not be able to accept a card due to not being near a wifi access point, including campground shuttle services and ice vendors. Cash will not be accepted at Food & Beverage, Merch or General Store locations. 
  • What if I lose my credit, debit or pre-paid card?
    Visit Lost & Found to see if it has been returned. If you are in search of a bank or credit card you brought with you to the show, you’ll need to show a Photo ID matching the name on the card to have it returned. If you are hoping to retrieve a pre-paid card you purchased on site, you will need to show the SMS or EMail receipt you received at the time of purchase. 

    If your lost card cannot be located, you will need to visit one of the cash to card trailers / containers on site to purchase a new one. 
  • Will there be ATMs on site?
    No, there will not be ATMs on site.