PRYOR, OK | SEPTEMBER 13 - 16, 2023



  • Born & Raised is an OUTDOOR EVENT.
  • No refunds or exchanges.
  • No scalping or resell of festival passes allowed. No unauthorized sales of any kind are allowed.
  • No unauthorized sales of any kind are allowed in the campgrounds or festival site.
  • Line-up and set times are subject to change.
  • Born & Raised is an all-ages show; however, we encourage you to leave the kids at home. Should you decide to bring a child, the child will need a festival pass.
  • A valid ID and credit card used for purchase will be required at the time of Will Call pickup.
  • Everyone and everything (including vehicles) are subject to search at all entry points.
  • Event details are subject to change, so please check back with us prior to the event for all the latest maps and information.
  • The festival promoters, artists, consultants, vendors, sponsors and any other party affiliated with Born & Raised are not responsible for lost or stolen personal items. It is the sole responsibility of the patron for any items that are brought on or around the concert, parking and/or campground site. Please leave your valuables at home or if you choose to leave them in your vehicle, make sure they are out of sight.
  • The festival is not responsible for damage or theft to vehicles or vehicle contents. If you choose to leave your valuables in your vehicle, please make sure they are out of sight and lock your vehicle when it is left unattended. Any vehicle parked overnight or illegally parked may be towed at the owner’s expense.
  • All vehicles must have a valid parking pass displayed. Vehicle must park in designated areas within the campgrounds or parking lots.



1421 WEST 450 ROAD
PRYOR, OK 74361


  • Plan ahead! Especially if traveling by horse or ass. Our calculations predict an average mule travels about 30 miles a day. Please reach out if you need help calculating your travel timing.
  • The event is located 4 miles north of Pryor, Oklahoma or 5 miles south of Adair, Oklahoma on Highway 69. You will enter the venue by turning east onto County Road W 450 and proceed to the general admission entrance.
  • Pryor, OK is 45 minutes from Tulsa on a beautiful scenic drive. Tulsa is our nearest airport for air travel.



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Wanna reserve a portable restroom or fill your pool at Born & Raised?


Damn good question. Weekend passes & camping are on sale now!

There is no re-entry without appropriate wristband.

Yes, you can utilize our payment plan at check-out after carting your passes.

Festival passes may be upgraded at the VIP Box Office on-site pending availability.

They sure will. A single day lineup will be available before single day passes go on sale.

Wristband registration is required, and can be done in the Born & Raised mobile app to be released when wristbands begin shipping.

 Set times will be released closer to the show. Check back.

No, a single wristband is meant for a single individual and cannot be shared. Wristbands are void if tampered with or removed.

Wristbands are shipped directly to the lead guest who completed the purchase.


For general information or special assistance requests for Born & Raised, please contact or 866-310.2288. We ask that all special assistance requests be communicated at least two weeks prior to the event date to ensure that your requests can be accommodated.

Born & Raised is an all-ages show; however, we encourage you to leave the kids at home. Should you decide to bring a child, the child will need a festival pass.

Service Animals are welcome at Born & Raised Festival, however, Emotional Support Animals and pets are not permitted. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Yes, we have refillable water stations on site. You will be permitted to bring in an EMPTY water bottle for use at the refillable water station.

All medical prescriptions must be in their original containers with labels that match the holder’s legal ID. Please identify yourself to security before entering the venue. Security will locate medical staff to assist you in providing a secure area to store your insulin.

The festival has adopted a Clear Bag Policy for all guests entering the concert site. Guests will be allowed to bring the items listed below into the concert site.

Clear Bag Policy states:
• A CLEAR, SEE THROUGH, plastic, vinyl or PVC bag or backpack, not exceeding 14” x 14” x 6”; OR
• A one-gallon clear plastic freezer bag (Ziploc bag or similar)
• A camping chair that is carried in a storage bag will be permitted after proper inspection at the entry gate
• Any medically necessary item, after proper inspection at the entry gate
• One EMPTY plastic water bottle – no other water bottle materials will be allowed
• One blanket after being opened for proper inspection at the entry gate

Outside Food and Beverage is not permitted in the Parking Area or Concert Site.

You are allowed to bring in lawn chairs and or blankets to sit on for general admission seating after inspection at the entry gate.

Cash and all major credit cards are accepted throughout the site. ATMS are available inside the festival site, as well as, at the main general store in the campgrounds.

Please download the official Born & Raised festival app for up to date real time updates. To be released closer to the festival date.

Yes! Any alcohol purchase or consumption will require a valid picture ID and an age verification wristband. There will be a booth onsite with staff to assist you with the age verification and ID check. Alcohol will not be permitted to be brought into or leave the festival/concert site at any time. Please refer to the Alcohol Policy.

Born and Raised Festival will make accommodations for any medically based food allergy. You may be asked to provide an official doctor’s note detailing the necessity of the item.


Born & Raised is an outdoor event so please know that the safety and security of all guests is of the utmost importance. Should emergency- and/or weather-related conditions present themselves, the festival may be forced to suspend programming and/or evacuate the festival grounds (to vehicle or campsite) to provide instructions for guest safety. Those instructions may be provided by audio and/or video broadcast from the stage(s), through the festival website, mobile app & related festival social media outlets. Updates and further information (such as resuming programming, re-entry to the festival, etc.) will be provided in the same manner.

We wish to offer the safest, most secure, & most entertaining festival experience possible, and we consider the safety and security of all festival guests to be the highest priority. Should the need arise, please follow the announcement instructions and directions of event personnel, who are available to guide you to the nearest exit.
Born & Raised utilizes a FLAG system to alert our guests and staff of the current weather conditions. We will have flags placed at the main gate, the VIP gate, and at the main stage. Additional flags will be located in the campground as noted below:

RV/Tent Camping – On the main light poles and entry to the concert area
RV Camping – On the poles by the shower house, at the vehicle entrance and across the creeks

In the event of severe weather, there will be a public address announcement such as: “Ladies and Gentlemen, may I have your attention please. There is a severe weather event approaching. It is necessary that all persons safely exit the venue at this time and take immediate cover. Please remain calm and exit the venue in an orderly manner. Ample exits are available for everyone to exit quickly and safely so please do not run, push or shove. Once outside the gates please return to your vehicles until the storm passes.” During an emergency, festival teams will be deployed to assist with crowd flow and evacuation if necessary.

Please follow any instructions given to you via the main stage public address, and check for related updates @BornRaisedFest “TWITTER” for further information. It is important to remember that we are in an open field and in the event of severe weather, your vehicle is your safest place to go.

Born & Raised Music Festival is committed to creating a safe, comfortable, and family-friendly experience for our guests.


  • Irresponsible use of alcohol.
  • Public nudity or obscene clothing.
  • Accessing seated/restricted areas without proper passes.
  • Taunting, abusive, or disruptive language and obscene or offensive gestures, imagery or symbolism.
  • Possession/use/sale of illegal drugs.
  • Urinating in public (anywhere other than a proper restroom).
  • Fighting or engaging in any action that may harm, endanger, threaten, or bring discomfort to anyone.
  • Engaging in sexual behavior in public.
  • Damage, destruction, vandalism, or theft of any property.
  • Fraudulently claiming a disability or abusing ADA services.
  • The display of symbols, images, language, materials or items that demean an identifiable person or group or are reasonably perceived as promoting hatred, intimidation or harassment.

An individual participating in this behavior may be IMMEDIATELY removed from the venue site and Festival Wristband revoked. Vehicle will be ejected from the property. Offender may be arrested. No refund will be issued if ejected.

  • No instruments or amplification systems
  • No patches or colors
  • No knives, weapons (including those with conceal/carry permits), including pocketknives, no chains or chain wallets
  • No firearms of any kind, no fireworks or any type of explosive device
  • No bags, no purses, no camelpacks or bota bags – see clear bag policy
  • No tents allowed outside of campground areas
  • No drugs and/or drug paraphernalia
  • No video cameras and/or audio recording devices
  • No glass containers allowed anywhere
  • No cans allowed outside of campground area
  • No outside food or beverage of any kind allowed outside of campground areas
  • No powdered substances
  • No flagpoles allowed outside of camping areas
  • No metal chairs of any kind. Bagged camping chairs are allowed.
  • No pets with the exception of properly trained service animals
  • No re-entry without appropriate wristband
  • No tailgating in the parking lot
  • No scalping or reselling of festival passes allowed
  • No drones
  • No unauthorized sales of any kind on event site or campground areas
  • No steel toed boots (in festival)
  • No Coolers (in festival)

***Note that all prohibited items will be confiscated at point of entry into the concert site!

  • 21+ Wristband required to purchase, possess, or consume alcohol.
  • Anyone under the age of 21 caught with alcohol or under the influence of alcohol will be ejected from the festival and turned over to the local Police Department. No refund will be given.
  • Anyone providing drinks or 21+ Wristbands to minors or in any way contributing to the intoxication of a minor will be ejected from the festival without refund and subject to arrest.
  • NO alcohol may be taken in or out of the concert site.
  • Campground guests age 21+ may bring limited quantities of alcohol into the campgrounds (See limits below).
  • Please be sensible about the amount of alcohol you plan to bring and consume in the campgrounds. We would like you, and those around you, to enjoy Born & Raised.

Unless otherwise required by law, Born & Raised Music Festival does not permit firearms of any kind into the festival grounds, campgrounds, parking facilities, or any other property associated with our festivals.

Subject to compliance with applicable laws, the guidelines stated below apply to each of our festivals in North America:

  • A person in possession of firearms shall not be allowed entry into any festival venue, campground, or parking area. The only exemptions are:
  • On-duty law enforcement personnel are exempt from this policy, if their presence and carrying of weapon has been be pre-approved by the festival security director. (Off duty law enforcement personnel are not exempt and are prohibited from possessing weapons at our festivals);
  • If state or local law allows firearms to be kept in vehicles, then the firearms will be allowed into the parking lot, however the firearms and ammunition must remain in the vehicle at all times;
  • Any firearm related questions should be brought to the attention of the festival security director and the local law enforcement agency with jurisdiction over the festival

  • You can reach Public Safety at 918-824-2289.
  • Security and safety are of utmost importance. We work hand in hand with law enforcement and public safety agencies to help ensure the safety of our events. Because of those very same concerns, we are unable to publicly comment on detailed, specific actions which are taken. Some of the security measures you will notice upon your arrival such as bag checks, walk-through metal detectors(magnetometers) for all attendees, staff and performers, and dog sweeps.
  • Please note that we will implement searches upon entry into the campgrounds and the concert site. Please arrive early and note the Prohibited Items list, these will be confiscated / surrendered upon entry.
  • n the event of an emergency, information may be relayed on the video screens, over the audio system, and/or through mobile notifications.
  • If you, or a friend, require medical assistance please locate your nearest medical tent or alert a staff member.
  • And remember: if you see something, say something. Flag down any staff member or Public Safety official if you notice something that doesn’t seem quite right.

Please be aware of your surroundings. If you see anything suspicious or anyone acting in a suspicious manner, please report it to the nearest security supervisor or police officer immediately. IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING. For festival assistance please call 918-824-2289 and a security team member will assist you.

COVID-19 is an extremely contagious disease that can lead to severe illness and death. There is an inherent and elevated risk of exposure to COVID-19 in any public place or place where people are present and there is no guarantee, express or implied, that those attending the festival will not be exposed to COVID-19.

All attendees agree to follow festival policies (including health and safety policies) and posted instructions while at the festival. According to the CDC, older adults and people of all ages with serious underlying medical conditions may be at higher risk of death or severe illness from COVID-19. All attendees should evaluate their risk in determining whether to attend the festival. By entering the festival, attendees voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19 and confirm that they will adhere to local quarantine mandates and the CDC quarantine requirements, available at


The venue is navigable for people with mobility disabilities. The event is held on natural terrain with sections of grass, dirt and gravel, also with cement pathways connecting much of the venue. There are accessible routes connected throughout the venue including parking, entrances, stages, ADA viewing areas, vendors, and all other activity areas. We encourage all guests with mobility disabilities to utilize personal forms of transportation, including wheelchairs and scooters. Crutches, walkers and canes are permitted as well to be brought in to the event. If you need to recharge your motorized mobility device, you may do so at a Guest/Accessibility Services booth inside the event. Patrons should bring all cords and accessories needed to charge their devices. Chargers must use a 110-volt, 20 amp circuit.

We will not be providing wheelchair or scooter rentals.

There will be limited ADA parking spots for guests with disabilities onsite. GA ADA parking can be accessed through the WEST parking entrance, and is located directly outside of the Main festival entrance. VIP ADA parking can be accessed through the EAST parking entrance, and is located directly outside of the VIP festival entrance. Parking requires a parking pass (which is simply your festival pass unless you’ve purchased preferred parking) and is available on a first come, first serve basis. You will need a verified handicap placard, permit, or license plate to enter this parking lot. The person to whom the handicap credential is issued must be present in the vehicle, as a driver or passenger.

There will be an ADA entry lane, located at each festival entrance. Disabled guests may use this lane to safely enter the venue. After using the ADA entry, please visit a Guest/Accessibility Services booth immediately after so that you can keep using the ADA entry for the following show days.

Please Note: You must stop here to get your ADA wristband credential. There is no ADA pre-registration before the event – this is all done onsite at the event.

There will be 2 Guest Services booths inside of the event. One is located at ‘The Lobby’ which is just inside both of the main and camping entrances, at the 4-way cross in the walkway, outside of the Roadhouse. Another is to the right side of the main stage. The location of these booths will be labeled on the event map when it is released. Each of these Guest Services booths will have an Accessibility Services window and team member there to assist you.

At these locations, you can:

  • Get your ADA wristband credential
  • Get your ADA questions answered
  • Learn about our accessibility services

Wristband Policies:

  • ADA wristbands are good for the whole weekend
  • DO NOT remove your wristband for the entire duration of the event
  • One companion wristband will be issued for each disabled patron (exceptions will be made for families with young children)
  • If a disabled guest wants to switch their companion, please bring the old companion wristband to a Guest Services booth to be reissued

There will be accessible viewing areas made available to ADA patrons at designated stages. To gain access to these areas, please visit us at a Guest/Accessibility Services booth.

Accessible Viewing Area Policies:

  • Companions may be asked to stand in the back if capacity is reached
  • Patrons and companions may not smoke in these areas
  • Patrons may not save spots
  • Do not block the view of the guests behind you

Accessible camping locations are available for those with accessibility needs in both GA and VIP camping areas. Campsites include close access to paths, entrances, exits, shuttles, accessible restrooms, and accessible showers.
Accessible camping spots are available on a first come, first serve basis. You will need a verified handicap placard or license plate to enter the accessible camping area. The person to whom the placard or plate is issued must be present in the vehicle, as a driver or passenger. As part of gaining access to accessible camping, identification will be checked to ensure legitimate use.

Service animals are permitted throughout the venue. However, this does not include emotional support animals, therapy animals, or companion animals. Any animal whose task is to provide protection, emotional support, well-being, comfort, or companionship is not considered a service animal and will not be allowed into the venue. Only service animals that have been individually trained and are under the proper care of their owners will be allowed within the premises.
The following guidelines must be followed:

  • All service animals must be registered with the ADA department upon entry into the event
  • All service animals must remain by the handler’s side at all times and must be harnessed, leashed, or tethered. If these devices interfere with the service animal’s work or if the handler’s disability prevents the use of these devices, the handler must maintain control of the animal through voice, signal, or other effective controls
  • Service animals must be housebroken and should use the service animal relief area
  • Anyone bringing an animal will be responsible for and liable for any damage or injury caused by the animal
  • All service animals should have legally required vaccinations (which ADA staff may ask to see for verification)

We ask that you do not leave your animal in your car while you’re inside the event, as vehicles without air conditioning on may become too hot and unsafe for any animal. We also ask that you do not leave your animal in your RV UNLESS there is air conditioning consistently on for them.

We accept requests for any of the following services:

  • ASL Interpretation
  • Other forms of Effective Communication

Requests for these services must be emailed to us at least 30 days prior to the event to allow for sufficient preparation. The deadline for this event is August 3rd, 2023. To submit a request, please email us at with the subject line “Born & Raised Request”.

First Aid: We have several First Aid locations throughout the venue, noted on the event maps and mobile app, if available. Professional medical staff can help you with your medical needs at these locations.

Special Dietary Needs: The event will have food vendors that provide gluten-free dietary options. For those with special dietary needs beyond what will be offered at the event, please contact us at for further assistance.

Prescription Medications: All prescription medications must be in the original manufacturer container with your name on it, which matches your government-issued photo ID. Please only bring a sufficient amount of medication for the duration of the event. Your medications must be cleared by the medic team at the event entry.

Other Services: If you would like to request large format print/braille literature, guided tours for guests with visual disabilities, assisted listening device systems or another accommodation not listed, please reach out to us at

Born & Raised will consider any request by a guest with disability for reasonable modification of its policies, practices or procedures or for auxiliary aids and services that will permit the guest equal enjoyment of the goods and services offered at the event. We encourage you to make any such request as far in advance as possible to enhance our ability to evaluate and fulfill the request.

In continually trying to make our event more accessible, we encourage you to contact us at for any of your accessibility-related needs. Additionally, if you have any questions about ADA policies or our services, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

We hope you find this guide informative,
we look forward to seeing you at Born & Raised!