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If you are using a screen reader and are having problems using this website, please call (323) 513-6222 for assistance.

Top Tips

  • Download the app before arriving. It has your daily schedules and map.
  • You must register your wristband! You can do this in the app. Your personal code is located on the back of the hard plastic piece on the band.
  • Speaking of wristbands - don’t put it on until you’re headed to Born & Raised - FYI once you slide the black knob forward it doesn’t slide back. Take care of it! If you need to replace it there is a $10 fee.
  • We are a cashless site. Bring your debit and credit cards. For more info visit here
  • Arrive early! Give yourself plenty of time. Friday and Saturday will be the busiest days getting in, and therefore the longest wait.
  • Lock up your tent/car/RV/glamping site before you leave for the day. We’re all friends here, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.
  • What to bring in the festival site:
    • Positive Attitude
    • Clear bags only - 14” x 14” x 6”
    • Sunscreen
    • Koozie
    • Camping chairs - anything that’s cloth & comfortable. No old school metal folding chairs.
    • One empty, plastic, clear water bottle - yes we have refill stations on site
    • Debit and credit cards - we are a cashless site!

Troubadour & Weekend Reserved VIP FAQs

  • Where the heck do we go?
     You can come in at any of the three entrances to the festival site from your car/campsite, but the recommended entrance is in the SE corner. If you’re Troubadour, there’s a concierge tent ready to greet you.
  • What are dining hours?
     For Troubadour, look for the sign that says “Corporate Dining”. That’s your dining area.

    • Lunch Saturday and Sunday from 1p-230p
    • Dinner Saturday and Sunday from 5p-9p
    For Red River Saloon:

    • Lunch Saturday and Sunday from 1p-230p
    • Dinner Saturday and Sunday from 4p-8p

  • Where are these private acoustic sets, and who is performing?

     These are gonna be a damn good time. They’ll be on the south side of the Red River Saloon tent on the Sundancer Stage. 

    Hosted by Jamie Lin Wilson, you’ll see the likes of Wade Bowen, Holly Beth, Kaitlin Butts, Cleto Cordero, Shane Smith, Jack Ingram, Cody Canada, and probably a few surprises up close and personal! 

    Schedule is coming soon, but fully expect the party to go down in the Red River Saloon with some of these acts until 1AM.

    If you still want to see these acoustic sets, but don’t have access to the Saloon, you can upgrade your pass in your Elevate account or by calling 866 310 2288. 

  • Where are my seats?
     You have a specific row and bench seat number at the Big Sky Stage, and then you have access to The Station for Neon Moon.

    All Troubadour/Weekend Reserved seats are sections A, B, C, and D rows 1-20. 
  • If I’m Troubadour, where do I pick up my gift bag?
     Go to the right of the stage in the Troubadour Lounge. We’ve got your gift in there. 
  • If I have issues, what do I do?
     Email born_and_raised@thepineconeproject.com or call (918) 739-8344

    We also have a Troubadour Concierge Tent located next to the South East Entrance. Feel free to swing by if you need any help!
  • Will there be any Artist Meet & Greets?
     Unfortunately, we will not be able to to do Meet & Greets this year, due to COVID.

Parking FAQs

  • What if I bought a parking pass and haven’t received it yet?
     Parking passes were emailed out. Check your inbox/spam folder of the email address in your account. 

    If you still don’t see them you can download your passes directly from your account. HERE is an article detailing how you can do that.
  • Can I park at my campsite?
     One vehicle per campsite! You’ll need a parking pass for any others.
  • Where do I park?
     If you have GA passes or GA with Saloon/Pit add on enter Gate 1 (first gate on your right) off West 450 road. You’ll be directed to a spot.

    If you have Troubadour or Weekend Reserved VIP enter Gate 3 (the last gate on your right) off West 450 Road, flash your respective wristband, and you’ll be directed to VIP Parking
  • How much is parking?
     Pricing is located here.

    We recommend purchasing in advance to help speed up your entry.

    You can add on by logging into your Elevate or calling the box office at 866 310 2288

  • Can I leave my car overnight?
     Definitely. If you’re camping and have an extra car or if you’re too inebriated to drive, don’t. You can leave your car, but it’s at your own risk.
  • When are lots open?
     Parking lots open at noon on Wednesday, 9/15

Camping FAQ's

  • When can I check in/check out of camping?
    You can start loading in on Wednesday at noon. Each day we’ll stop checking in around sundown. 

    Check out is Monday. Wake up, have a cup of coffee, then hit the road! 
  • What are campground hours?
     To set up Wednesday noon - 8pm, Thursday 8a - 10:30, Friday/Sat 8a - 11pm
    • You will be escorted to your specific campsite by a member of our team
    Vehicle traffic is prohibited in camping from 9p-6a. If you’re arriving during those times you won’t be able to drive to your site. Plan ahead!

    Quiet hours are from 4a-8a. Get some sleep.



    We will be implementing strict parking pass procedures, a streamlined check-in process, and designated pedestrian walkways. Cruising will not be allowed in the campgrounds. Your safety is our number one priority and failure by any guest to cooperate with festival parking and security teams will result in dismissal from the campgrounds. Guests will not be allowed to drive or move any vehicle in the campgrounds between 9 PM – 6 AM daily. 

    For your convenience, we have added guest services, additional shower facilities and porta-potties within the campgrounds. We have also upgraded the overall campground lighting system. There will be trash receptacles throughout the campgrounds, please use them. By helping to keep our cleaning costs low, we can invest those dollars back into the overall Born & Raised party! 

  • Can I see a campgrounds map?
    Of course!  Check it out here.  
  • How big is my campsite?
      Your campsite is 20’x40’ and your vehicle must fit on that space. Only one car is allowed per campsite. Vehicles without the vehicle pass will be towed at the owner’s expense. NO parking on the camping roads is allowed, these vehicles will be towed at the owner’s expense. 
  • What constitutes an RV?
     RV’s and trailers must have been built and certified in accordance with NFPA 1192-15 (National Fire Protection Agency) or ANSI A119.5-09 (American National Standards Institute) consensus standards for recreational vehicles. RV’s may not be converted and must meet standard fire and safety guidelines. 
  • I have someone dropping off my RV for me, how does that work?
    They have to have it in by Thursday at 8pm.
  • What kind of generator can I bring?
     A normal one with factory exhaust.

    No industrial generators! Be kind to your neighbors. Those big ones are LOUD, and put out a ton of exhaust. Please do not bring the big ones.
  • Are there hookups?
     Nope. It’s fully dry camping. For dumping services: https://www.aysrentals.com/born-and-raised
  • Are there showers & restrooms?
    Absolutely. Can you imagine the smell if there wasn’t? Campgrounds have shower facilities and portable restrooms.
  • What services are offered for RV & Tent Sites?
     At Your Service Rentals is the official portable restroom provider of Rocklahoma/Born & Raised. They offer the following specialized campsite services for festival-goers who are camping on the grounds during the weekend event:
    Private Restroom Rental $130
    Private Restroom Service $20/ea
    RV waste pump $40
    RV water fill $40
    Inflatable swimming pool $80 (includes water)
    Pool Fill $30/300 gallons
    Onsite office hours at Rocklahoma/Born & Raised will be 9am - 5pm during the event. Restrooms and Services are the only thing that can be reserved in advance. All other services (RV + pool) must be booked via our hut on site. No other portable restroom rentals will be allowed in the campgrounds. Reserve now here.

    Guests will have access to shower facilities, public portable restrooms and general stores throughout their stay.  
  • What if I left supplies at home?
     Visit one of our general stores from 6a-2a
  • Can I park at my campsite?
     Absolutely. One car only though. Any others, and you’ll need to buy a parking pass.
  • Can I camp in my car?
     Yes, but it is not recommended. The following restriction will apply. Due to emissions concerns, the vehicle cannot be running while sitting in the campsite. 
  • Are fire pits allowed in campsites?
      No campfire/fire pits or bonfires allowed. 
  • How about grilling?
     Fire it up! Just not literally. Grills are allowed, but no open flames.
  • Are there shuttles?
     You may find a golf cart shuttle on site. Some shuttles have been reserved in advance, but you may be able to flag one down. This is the only place that’s not cashless as they take tips. 
  • Where is lost and found?
     Lost and Found is located next to the Troubadour Concierge Tent, outside of the SE Entrance to the festival
  • I have glamping, what do I do?
     First - make sure you also added your festival passes. Glamping sites do not come with a festival pass.

    Check in at the East Gate, then a camping representative will take you to your site.

    Glamping sites are located near Eagle Ridge camping on the south side of VIP parking

    Like everyone else you can park a car and/or reserve a porta potty for your site here
  • What is allowed in the campground?
    Coolers, basic camping supplies, water, Portable electric lanterns, flashlights, Sleeping bags, blankets, pillows, lawn chairs, Sunscreen, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, Small digital cameras, cell phones, Small propane cooking stove, propane grill, or charcoal grill, Generators are allowed, however, must have a factory exhaust system that does not blow into nearby tents. 

    Outside Food and Beverage will be allowed in the Campgrounds only, it will not be allowed in the Parking Area or Concert Site. 

    **The festival holds the right to deem any personal item unsafe or a risk. If the item is deemed unsafe or a risk the use of that item must immediately be discontinued and removed from the festival campgrounds.  
  • What is prohibited in the campground site?
     We encourage you to leave all weapons at home (including conceal/carry permit holders) 
    No patches or colors 
    No drugs and/or drug paraphernalia 
    No fireworks or any type of explosives 
    No campfires/bonfires, No tiki torches, No open flame,  
    No vending or distribution of any kind allowed in the campgrounds 
    No glass containers of any kind 
    No box trucks, cargo vans, or boats 
    No converted RV’s. RV’s and trailers must have been built and certified in accordance with NFPA 1192-15 (National Fire Protection Agency) or ANSI A119.5-09 (American National Standards Institute) consensus standards for recreational vehicles. 
    No professional photography equipment 
    No video cameras and/or audio recording devices 
    No drones
    No golf carts, dirt bikes, ATV’s or any other unlicensed motorized vehicle
    No pets with the exception of service animals 

    **Note that all prohibited items will be confiscated at point of entry into the Festival site or campgrounds! 
  • Who do I contact if I have an issue while camping?
      Contact one of the camping hosts at the main festival entrance.

    Campground hosts are available during posted hours. For emergencies you can also contact Public Safety at 918-824-2289 

The Barn FAQs

  • What the heck is The Barn?
     Located on the West side of the site, right inside the main entrance, The Barn is where the music, food, and drinks kick off every day

    The Friday Night Honky Tonk will be inside The Barn on Friday, 9/15 with doors opening at 4pm

    Saturday The Barn opens up at 10:30am with live music, Sunday at 11am. 
  • Can I buy food and drinks in The Barn?
     Absolutely. In fact beer here starts at $5.50 plus tax. We’ll also have tons of food options for you to choose from. 
  • How late is The Barn open?
     Friday night it closes at 11pm

    Saturday and Sunday The Barn stays open til 1am with live music to keep the party going.