Lucas Jagneaux & The Roadshow. The name’s pronounced Jag-no. Emerging from the woods of Northwest Louisiana, these boys have something to say and won’t stop till you hear it. And when you hear it, you’ll understand.
Lucas was as young as 3 when he began his entertainment career. At family gatherings, story has it that he used his great grandmother’s walking cane, as a microphone. He and younger brother Tobin were enveloped in family-style picking, singing and an all around love for country music. The deep family roots and love for music, ultimately bled over into their adult lives as they formed a band of their own in 2011. Joined by lifelong friend, Bates Bell on the Bass Guitar, who comes from an equally talented and rich musical stock, and Waylon Salter on the Pedal Steel— a mutual friend and multi instrumentalist with a resumé a mile long— the band crafted and honed a wall of sound, untouched by other four piece bands.
Even though they hail from the bayou state, Lucas was named 2019’s Texas Music Picker’s Songwriter winner. Immediately following, they dropped their lead off single, “New School” that was featured on Spotify’s Texas Music Now, where it amassed over 400K streams. Following the single were songs like “Broken Bow” — a comically true story of underage drinking gone wrong, you can feel the heartbreak in “Falls Like Rain”, and their single “The Worst Thing About Texas” is sure to pull your heart strings and make you love being from Texas, even if you’re not.
The Roadshow recently dropped their newest project, the “Honky Tonk Heart EP”. Saturated with pedal steel guitar, fiddle and some one line melodies on a telecaster— it’s everything you loved about old country music, repackaged for 2022.
You can follow Lucas and The Roadshow on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. But be on the lookout for the cloud of dust rolling through your town. Welcome to the sheaux.

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