Don’t let his humble roots fool you, Nicky James is ready to take the Country music world by storm with his prolific storytelling and undeniable star potential. With equal parts ear-catching melodies and powerhouse vocals Nicky has started making a big name for himself in both the Nashville and Texas music scenes.  James is now preparing for the release of his upcoming project with producer Brad Sample “The Book Of James” which will feature his signature vocals that play hard on the hometown roots. The eight song record is strong enough to seamlessly transition to radio but will still be unapologetically authentic, the future proves promising for the breakout talent.

Born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska to a musical family, breaking out the guitar was just a normal part of daily family life. His parents raised him on the American classics, like James Taylor, John Denver, and The Eagles, and those legends have had a major impact on his songwriting style. The passion for Country music was instilled in him at a young age and he made the full-time pursuit while only in his teens. Playing anywhere and everywhere that would allow him, he learned and fine-tuned his chops at a young age. As if it was inevitable, He eventually made his way to Nashville where the rising talent has big plans.

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